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Restoration and Revival of Family Treasures: Faded Photos Corrected, Retouching, Manipulation, Enhancement
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PhotoHeritage is a Wimbledon-based company which specializes in expert photographic restoration and enhancement. We can save irreplaceable heirlooms, make copies to share around the family and help preserve a significant part of everyone’s history.

The growth in the internet and the subsequent expansion of online genealogical databases has led to family history becoming one of the most popular of hobbies. Old photos can add significantly to our appreciation of family members. It is hard to replace these prints so it makes sense to to protect them with digital copies.

Recently-taken photos are obviously much less rare but, even so, many of us would be hard-pressed to find a negative in order to produce extra copies. We can reproduce prints without negatives to the highest standard.

Once you have discovered a valuable picture don't put off making it safe and sharing it with the rest of the family. A beautifully restored picture makes a unique and very personal gift.

Click the links on this page for examples and details of how to order.

See new depths with the beautiful effect of digital hand colouring

Manipulate, add or subtract

Repair damage of all kinds

Get the best out a simple snap

Add nostalgia or atmosphere with sepia or monochrome

Bring old and faded photos back to life

Make wonderful gifts

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